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Road Claw RH660. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All weather traction Enhanced controllability Reduced road noise levels. OVERVIEW: The Road Claw RH660 is a high performance all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.The model offers great all weather traction. The tread design and the silica-based tire compound work together and ensure excellent dry, wet and winter weather road gripping ability. The tread elements firmly grip the road surface while the silica compound maintains its flexibility even in colder temperatures. The silica compound also ensures a safer wet weather traction as its molecular elements increase the compounds road grip in such conditions. This, along with the hydroplaning resistance of the circumferential grooves, ensures a safer year round performing ability.The asymmetric tread pattern upgrades the models controllability. The tires center ribs and large tread blocks boost the steering responsiveness and driving stability with their better road contact. The faster and more accurate steering responsiveness and the stabilized tire structure improve the drivers control over the vehicle. The shoulder tread blocks also enhance the cornering ability and power greatly. The maintained road contact succeeds in creating friction at the moment of braking, which manages to shorten the braking distance. These enhancements together boost the high speed performing capability and the driving safety significantly.The RH660 promotes a quiet drive. The variable pitch sequence of the tread pattern reduces the road noise heard in the vehicles cabin. It creates a sound frequency that negates the road noise heard while the tires are in motion. In this manner, the road noise is not generated and is not heard in the vehicles cabin, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.Below is a list of some popular vehicles that 275/30R19 tires may fit depending on Year & Option. However the list does not cover all vehicle's that these tires can fit: Saleen S7 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

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