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Nitto Dune Grappler Desert Terrain. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All weather traction All terrain traction Longer lasting tread life On-road driving stability Road noise free drive. OVERVIEW: The Nitto Dune Grappler Desert Terrain is an all terrain, all season tire compound manufactured for light truck vehicles.The tire promotes excellent all weather traction and it firmly grips the road in dry, wet and winter weather. The tread design with the high void ratio offers a safer driving experience with the enhanced road gripping ability it promotes. The intermediate void ratio between the tread blocks allow the tire to disperse water, slush and mud from below the tire footprint. This ensures a secure on and off-road drive.The tires tread design with the intermediate void ratio between the tread blocks also boosts the off-road performance capability, especially on desert terrains. They allow the model to perform well on soft and loose road surfaces, such as dirt, sand and loose rocks. They guarantee superb off road traction and road gripping ability. The high void ratio improves the tires self-cleaning ability, which cleans out mud and snow and ejects rocks stuck between the tread elements.The special 3D grooving and tread blocks design increases the tread life and stability and lowers the road noise levels. They prevent the tread elements from shifting about, which prevents irregular wear patterns from forming across the tread area. This, along with the special bridges between the tread blocks that decrease the tread flex and prevent heat buildup to increase the tires performing ability, ensures an extended tread life and tire usability.During on road driving, the special tread designs prevention of the tread moment stabilizes the tire against the driving pressure. As a result, the tire is easier to control since it maintains constant road contact. The better road contact and stability guarantee a quick and precise steering responsiveness. The same tread design cancels the road noise out while the tires are in motion. As the tread elements do not shift, the soundwaves are not generated during the drive, offering a quiet and comfortable driving experience.The Dune Grappler Desert Terrain offers a dual sidewall design. One side features regular lettering, while the other one features Old English style letters and the driver can choose which design they wish to be visible on the vehicle.

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