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Inspired by the paw print of the Siberian Husky, the Hankook Winter IPike RS W419 is a studdable winter tire that has the biting winter grip to back up its bark.

Hankook Winter I Pike RS W41

Stamped with the three peak mountain snowflake symbol, it should come as no surprise that the Winter IPike RS W419 is built with cutting-edge winter technology. Picture the Winter I Pike RS as Hankook's love letter to the most wonderful time of the year.

After all, you can't make it over the river and through the woods in a snowstorm without a little extra grip. That's where the Hankook Winter I Pike RS comes in.

When we say the Winter I Pike RS is inspired by the sled dogs of Siberia, we aren't kidding. The center rib features what Hankook calls a &lquo;husky slit,” as well as a “husky claw edge.” Both features add extra biting traction for grip in snow and on ice.

The Winter I Pike RS also features a tried-and-true silica-enhanced tread compound. That means this Hankook tire stays pliable and grips the road as temperatures dip into those winter lows. When all-season tires stiffen up, the I Pike RS stays flexible and maintains its suction-like grip.

Other performance features of the Winter I Pike RS W419 include:

    - An aggressive 2-in-1 tread block that adds biting edges to hold onto your driving surface, even when you're rolling on ice and snow.

    - For reliable grip on slick surfaces, the W419 features what Hankook calls a “spuit hole,” essentially a suction pump that removes water from its tread.

    - Snow Slit Technology surrounds its stud holes and maximizes braking power on ice and snow.

    - 3D interlocking sipes open up to ad

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