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Hankook Dynapro MT . FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All weather traction Off-road capability Self-cleaning tread Damage resistance Steering responsiveness. OVERVIEW: The Hankook Dynapro MT is an off-road all season tire manufactured for SUV and light truck vehicles.The tire has excellent all weather traction thanks to the special tread pattern that grips the road well in wet, dry and winter weather. The tread patterns high void tread design maintains a clean footprint, which enables the tire to have constant traction. The tread design cleans out mud and snow stuck between the tread elements that can block the tires contact from the road. The same tread design prevents hydroplaning by dispersing water, slush, and mud from below the tire footprint. This improves the year round traction and safety.The tread patterns zig zag shoulder lugs provide super road grip on soft, loose and uneven road surfaces. This is made possible by the high void ratio tread design and the shoulder zig zag grooves that firmly grip the road, even in off-concrete conditions. The better road gripping ability improves models off-road performing capability. The tire is very versatile in its use as a result, as it is capable of performing well both on- and off-road, making it perfect for drivers looking for flexibility in their tires.The tires compound and internal structure guard it against damages caused by protruding objects and impact. The under-groove protectors prevent impact damage caused by driving on uneven off-road surfaces. The side protector blocks guard the tire from the tread to the center of the sidewalls and shields the sidewalls from potential damage. The better damage resistance increases the tires driving safety on off-road conditions.The Dynapro MT provides excellent steering responsiveness. The internal structures high tensile steel belts stabilize the tire under the driving pressure and improve the steering responsiveness and accuracy with it. The model is quick and precise in its response to the drivers instructions, allowing the driver to confidently control the tire in the differing driving conditions. This offers a safer driving experience.

Sku N952344-99

Upc 2002005

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