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Galaxy Workstar F-3. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Longer lasting tread life Enhanced controllability Upgraded load durability. OVERVIEW: The Galaxy Workstar F-3 is an all season tire manufactured for industrial vehicles.The tire promotes a longer lasting tread life. The wider footprint of the optimal symmetric ribbed pattern enhances the length of the models usability. This pattern enables the tire to evenly distribute the driving pressure along the tread area. The equally spread out forces of acceleration, cornering and braking avoids irregular wear formations across the tires surface. This combination boosts the tread life and the models usability by guaranteeing even wear throughout its performance.The symmetric ribbed pattern enhances the tires surface contact at all times. The better surface contact boosts the steering responsiveness and the driving stability throughout the drive. This allows the tire to increase the steering response time and accuracy to the drivers commands, while it secures the structure against the driving pressure affecting the model. As a result, the tire ensures the drivers full control over the vehicle at all times, promoting a safer controllability in various weather and on different terrain surface conditions.The Workstar F-3 enhances the load and driving durability. The tire features a reinforced internal structure which improves the load and driving pressure handling ability. The strengthened construction does not deform under the pressure affecting it. In this manner, the model is able to carry and withstand heavy loads with ease, while maintaining the ideal tire shape. The better durability allows the tires secure heavy load performance throughout its performance. This specific tire model features a BIASED ply construction.

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