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Firestone Rib Implement I-1. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All weather traction Fuel efficient performance Longer lasting tread life. OVERVIEW: The Firestone Rib Implement I-1 is an all season tire manufactured for tractors. It was made to be mounted on the vehicles free rolling axle.The tire promotes great all weather traction. The special ribbed tread pattern and the all season tire compound increase the year round terrain gripping ability and the tires high flotation performance. This enables the tire to conquer soft and loose terrain grip throughout the year. The compound keeps the rubbers weather flexibility, even in colder temperatures, while it also resists weather damage from harming the tread area. In this manner, the tire ensures its exceptional all weather performance.The model offers a fuel efficient drive. Its free rolling axle positions eases the driving pressure off the tire and lowers its rolling resistance. The decreased rolling resistance reduces the vehicles fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as it is the external pressure which affects the tires and determines the amount of energy it needs to keep the tires in motion. The vehicles lessened fuel intake and CO2 diffusion promote a fuel conscious and environmentally friendly driving experience.The Rib Implement I-1 offers a longer lasting tread life. The ribbed tread designs optimal terrain surface contact and the lowered rolling resistance significantly slow the tread wear rate down, by easing the driving pressure off the tire. The models pattern also manages to evenly distribute the pressure along the tread area. The equally spread out forces of acceleration, cornering and braking avoids the formation of irregular tread wear on the tires surface. This combination greatly upgrades the length of the tread life and the tires usability. This specific tire model features a BIASED ply construction.

Sku N931323-99

Upc 358-622

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