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Carlisle Industrial Deep Traction. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Enhanced controllability Improved traction Higher load durability. OVERVIEW: The Carlisle Industrial Deep Traction is an all season tire manufactured for industrial applications.The tire promotes great traction on various terrains and in different weather conditions. The all season durable tire compound and the flat footprints large elements upgrade the grip the tire has throughout the year. The compound keeps the rubber flexibility, keeping the tire pliable in diverse situations. The treads large elements and zigzag groove placement increases its grip on the road and terrain surface, ensuring its forward motion at all times. The better traction enables the tires versatile application.The models flat footprint and optimal surface contact improve its controllability. The footprint and the large tread elements closely follow the road and terrain surface to increase the models steering responsiveness and driving stability. The better surface contact allows the tire to upgrade its steering response time and accuracy to the drivers instructions, while it also enhances the structures stability throughout the tires performance.The Industrial Deep Traction provides first-rate durability. The reinforced construction manages to maintain the tires ideal shape under the load and driving pressure affecting it. This results in the models capability of carrying and withstanding heavy loads with ease. The strengthened internal structure prevents the deformation of the ideal tire shape, providing a secure driving experience. This specific tire model features a BIASED ply construction.

Sku N973645-99

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